Breeder Referral

Looking for a Bearded Collie?  Several of our club members breed Bearded Collies.  They’ll be happy to talk to you about Bearded Collies.

Aberdeen Bearded Collies,Tina Miller, Newtown, CT (908) 217-4557

Lil’Clove Bearded collies, Trudy Wisner, Staten Island, NY (718) 273-0598

Malakar Bearded Collies, Elaine Kroposki, Milford, PA (570) 296-8000

Raintree Bearded Collies, Robert Lamm and Lesley Woodcock, East Windsor, NJ (609) 448-1417


Litter Listing(s):

None at this time.

Bearded Collie Club of America

  • Bearded Collie Club of America - The BCCA Web-site provides a listing of Breeders (look under “Everything Beardie” as well as Puppy Listings.  There’s also lots of other great information just a click away.

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