Learn more about Bearded Collies, about some club members Beardies and Canine Health. Also, follow these links to learn about some exiting things that you can do with your Beardie, such as Conformation and Agility.

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Bearded Collie

  • Bearded Collie Club of America - Learn about the BCCA Organization.  This site includes information on Bearded Collie Rescue, Bearded Collie Clubs in the United States (find a Beardie club close to you), other Clubs, Health Related Articles,  and lots of other great information.
  • B-BOP (Beardies-l Bearded Owner’s Pages) - One of the best ways to learn about Bearded Collies is from other Beardie owners.  This is the web site for the members of the Beardies-L mailing list.  Learn how to subscribe to the mailing list and explore many links to other Beardie owner web sites.

Club Member’s Home Pages:

  • Raintree Bearded Collies - Robert Lamm and Lesley Woodcock have a home page with more information about Beardies (history, description), pictures of their Beardies and information about upcoming Bearded Collie Specialities
  • Karen and Jeff’s Home Page - Karen and Jeff D’Elia also have a home page with pictures of their two Beardies and their Log Home.
  • Malakar Bearded Collies - Elaine Kroposki has a home page with pictures of her Beardies and some links to more Beardie web-sites.

Canine Health

  • BeaCon for Health - site maintained by Elsa Sell, former chairman of the BCCA Health Committee.  This site contains links to many Canine Health Related articles.


  • AKC (home page where you can find schedules of events)
  • Infodog (MB-F Dog Shows) find out about upcoming shows and results of recent shows.
  • RauDogShows (Jim Rau Dog Shows, Inc) information on upcoming shows.


Junior Handlers

Barn Hunt


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